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Hey Husband,

This may interest you...

(And even if it doesn't, I know you'll be interested in the wife's fantasy that I'm going to tell you about in a minute)

I have an ongoing survey where I ask wives these 13 questions:

  1. What key lessons or concepts would you like for your husband to get in the areas of marriage, love, and romance?
  2. If your husband was really meeting your needs supremely well, if he was doing things that emotionally satisfied you and attracted you to him, what would he be doing?
  3. What are a few things that you personally would find very romantic and how might men be more romantic?
  4. What advice would you give to the husband who wishes his wife wanted sex more often? What are some specific things that men can do to create a happier, more sexual relationship with their wife?
  5. When it comes to sex and intimacy, what does your husband do that you like and what do you wish he would do differently?
  6. Knowing that many women are uncomfortable being direct and open about their innermost sexuality, how do you suggest a husband find out what really excites and turns on his wife?
  7. Based on the fact that their wife seemingly never wants to have sex with them, some men believe that most women don't want sex, have no interest in sex, and never think about anything of a sexual nature. So, tell me about how much and how often you think about something of a sexual nature?
  8. Describe what men do that turns you off sexually towards them?
  9. Reflecting back on times that you've found yourself very sexually attracted to a man, what was it about him -- what did he do, what did he say, how did he act, how did he carry himself, what was his relationship to others, etc. -- that caused you to be attracted to him? What was it that he did that really turned you on sexually? (Alternatively, you can use your imagination to describe a man that you would be very sexually attracted to and turned on by)?
  10. What are your deepest, most secret, most exciting sexual thoughts and fantasies -- even the ones that you would never tell anyone -- and including the ones you hardly let yourself think about but yet they still cross your mind from time to time and are exciting?
  11. During sex, what do you tend to find yourself thinking about?
  12. In terms of creating a happy marriage that works for both a man and a woman, what else should I have asked that I didn't ask and what would your answer have been had I asked it?
  13. What else would you like to say relative to helping us men become the kind of husband that a wife can respect, appreciate, and be attracted to?

Now, as you might expect, these survey questions generate some pretty interesting answers.

In fact, what makes this survey especially interesting is that it is presented to wives in a safe, private, secure place on the internet where they can be completely open, honest, and real.  That's a privilege they don't get very often and they seem to really enjoy it when they can just bare their soul, when they can take off their mask, and just be their true self.

And I'm telling you, when a wife can get into a place where it's safe for her to be real without any fear of judgment or criticism, she'll amaze you -- in some cases she'll literally blow you away -- with the kinds of thoughts that are rolling around in her head. 

Of course, some of what these wives have to say you sort of expect.  But, in many cases you would have never guessed what was inside of them...and it's so unexpected that it almost shocks you.

Now, here's why I'm telling you this; you have an opportunity right now to get access to what these wives are telling me about sex and men...

Understand, these survey responses are from REAL MARRIED WOMEN.  Their responses are raw and unedited so you get it straight from them.  In some cases, the survey responses are "lighter-duty" while others are definitely "heavy-duty".  But in both cases, there is plenty for you to study closely.

More specifically, there's plenty for you to USE this in your own marriage

Let me give you an example...  Remember earlier in the list of survey questions...the one where I ask wives to tell me about their secret sexual thoughts and fantasies?  Well, in survey response #24, you'll find this:

"When my husband arrives home I am cooking dinner and washing dishes. I am dressed in a very tight short skirt and a tight see through blouse wearing high heels. He grabs me from behind with one hand massaging my rear while rubbing my breast with the other hand.

I feel him hard against my thigh and he is kissing my neck telling me to get down on my knees and to do everything he tells me to do. He then tells me to suck his hard cock while he firmly wraps my hair in his hand. He grabs on to his cock and rubs it all over my face while telling me that he wants me to swallow every drop.

He tells me to hold on when he is ready to release and then rubs his cock on my lips and tells me to begin sucking. He does this several times and then he releases into my mouth.

He tells me to go back to what I was doing while he undresses. He relaxes in the kitchen chair watching me and telling me that he is not finished with me yet. He tells me to come to him and he pulls me down, by my waist, onto his lap and begins massaging my breast getting my nipples very hard.

He massages my rear and continues to nuzzle at my breast. He tells me how good I feel and how glad he is to be home. He asks me if I was a good or bad girl today, I tell him I was a good girl.

He inquisitively looks me in the eye and tells me that he doesn't believe me and that he thinks I lied. He tells me that he doesn't want to do it but he must spank my ass. He tells me to bend over the table while reaching for his belt. He firmly grabs my upper inner thigh and begins to rub me all over my wet vagina and rear end while telling me that I am a very bad girl and he knows it.

He slaps my ass with his hand and then gently snaps the belt across my ass several times. He rubs me again and begins to fuck me while gently rubbing my clitoris. I begin to feel the tightening and the swelling, it feels great. I could go on and on."

Did you like that?

As you read this wife's fantasy, you were probably thinking something along the lines of:

"@#%^@$ I wish I had a wife like that..."

Am I right?

Well, get ready to have your mind tee-totally blown...

In this same survey, just before this wife shared the above fantasy, she told me that she has sexual thoughts "All the time!!!!!".

And then, right after she shared the fantasy you just read, she dropped this bomb on me:

"[My husband and I] we rarely have sex."

Can you believe that?

Can you imagine being married to a woman who is having sexual thoughts and fantasies like the one above and she and her husband "rarely have sex"?

As insane as that sounds, I'm wondering...WHAT ARE YOU MISSING OUT ON IN YOUR OWN MARRIAGE?

Do you REALLY know?

Here's what I DO really ought to click this button now:

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Surely, you are a rational man who wants to connect with his wife at that level, aren't you?

It's an incredible connection.  And, it's beyond just satisfying.  The only way I know to describe it is, "Erotic Satisfaction".

After you place your order, an account will be created for you that gives you access to "Real Wife Secrets"

Now, how will the secrets these wives are telling me relate to your own wife? 

Well of course, every woman is different.  And yet, they are enough alike that you'll quickly be able to compare what you know of your wife with what you're reading and develop a range of thoughts that your wife is likely to be having...that you can then go have fun exploring with her.

You're going to have a lot of fun with this!

I'm not just saying that for no reason...think about it...what will it be like when you understand what women want and how they think so much so that you're able to blow right past all of your woman's objections, stalls, and resistance and TAKE HER TO THE SEX SHE REALLY WANTS?

At this point, if you have any reservations -- even if you just want to make sure that I'm a real person and that this product is the real deal -- pick up your phone and call me directly at:

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When you call, I'll be happy to take a few minutes to let you tell me about your situation, answer any questions, or address any concerns or reservations you have. (Note: calls are taken between 8 am and 6 pm Central time Monday through Friday.)

Or, use our live help and support system:

Or, if you prefer, you can email me directly by clicking this button:

Send Email

Ok, let's wrap up...  Ask yourself, "Would I like to have a whole lot of women help me answer these questions?":

  • What would I be doing if my wife was strongly attracted to me?
  • In the area of sex, what do I do that my wife likes and what do I do that she wishes I would do differently?
  • How often does my wife REALLY think about something of a sexual nature?
  • What kind of man turns on and excites my wife?
  • What are the deepest, most secret, most exciting sexual thoughts that other women have -- thoughts most of them would never tell to anyone -- that my wife is likely to be having too?
  • What can I do to create a happier, more sexual relationship with my wife?
  • What are some easy ways I can be more romantic?

Does knowing the answers to these questions so that you can use them to your benefit appeal to you?

Of so, then this is an offer to take immediate advantage of...

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PPS: Going through these "Real Wife Secrets" and absorbing all that these ladies have to say is an excellent way to become a better Wife-Seducer.

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After you place your order, an account will be created for you that gives you access to "Real Wife Secrets"

Real Wife Secrets : Sex Secrets : Connect Sexually With Your WifeReal Wife Secrets : Sex Secrets : Connect Sexually With Your WifeReal Wife Secrets : Sex Secrets : Connect Sexually With Your Wife

"Great work! The "Wife's Letter" is priceless and the "Real Wife Secrets" forum is amazing. Your information has provided me with the deep yet simple insight for which I have always searched, yet never found until now." -- Greg P, Michigan


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